Catherine Ponder Speaks . . .

A Life Of Infinite Satisfaction

A powerful method for invoking the Christ consciousness (and all its power) is to meditate upon the words of Jesus from the Four Gospels. When you have a healing need, study Jesus' hearings and you will tune in on that same healing consciousness. When you have a prosperity need, study his miracles of abundance, and you will become attuned to that same bounty. You can use this prayer method for others with good results, too.

Why? Because words of truth have life in them. The words of Jesus Christ have moved men for nearly two thousand years to dare to demonstrate as have no other words ever uttered on this planet!

He who meditates upon Jesus' words - turning them over and over in his mind, using them as his own, studying the very essence and spirit of them will receive new thoughts, new revelations and inspirations each day of untold value. This method leads to a life of infinite satisfaction. Eat and drink the words of Jesus!

I know a lady who was once healed of a chronic, nagging ill by writing out one of the healing promises of Jesus and wearing it next to the skin over the diseased area of the body. Sleeping with one of Jesus' promises under one's pillow has been known to heal too. There is fantastic power and vitality in the words and promises of Jesus now, as in His time.


An Ancient Thanksgiving Success Formula

The United States and Canada are 2 of the richest countries in the world today. They are also the only 2 countries that observe an annual Day of Thanksgiving. No wonder they have prospered so!

The people of the Old Testament had a special Thanksgiving success formula that can prosper you. In Bible times, giving thanks was not done through mere lip service. It always took definite financial form.

They felt that the act of thanksgiving protected their health, wealth and happiness and made these blessings permanent. Before embarking on a journey, going into battle, or facing any challenging situation, they gave "faith offerings" to their priests and temples in the faith that their mission would be successful.

After returning from any challenging experience, they went directly to their priest or place of worship and gave a "thank offering" in appreciation for the blessings received, and in order to seal their new good and to make it permanent.

Giving was not only considered the first step in financial increase. It was the last step, the one that resulted in a permanent prosperity that would be divinely protected.

If you have been able to demonstrate greater good in your life, but couldn't hang on to it - or if you've had a hard time getting your prayers answered in the first place - this may be the reason:

When was the last time you gave a "faith offering" in anticipation of answered prayer? When was the last time you gave a "thank offering" in appreciation for blessings already received, in order to seal that good and to make it permanent?

Please note that these special offerings were bestowed over and above their regular tithes which were given consistently and automatically. The people of Israel gave numerous other offerings too, including a daily offering both morning and evening; a sabbath or weekly offering; a monthly offering; special offerings for Passover; first fruit offerings; meat, drink and sin offerings, etc. The purpose Of these offerings was to keep them In touch with God as the Source of their unlimited abundance, and to remind them that there was nothing automatic about the vast blessings they enjoyed.

Did such lavish giving deplete them? On the contrary History reveals that the more they gave, the more they prospered. They never complained about their vast giving. Instead, they gave graciously and with "holy joy." They could not outgive a rich, loving Father, and they knew it!

At this Season of Thanksgiving, let us gladly join the ancient people and share our "thank offerings" for good received; let us gladly join them in sharing our "faith offerings" in anticipation for good on the way! This is a great way to protect our good and to make it permanent.

For this purpose declare often, "At this Season of Thanksgiving, I gladly join the ancient people and share my "thank offerings" in appreciation for good received. I gladly share my "faith offerings" In anticipation of good on the way. This is a great way to protect my good and to make It permanent. I joyously use this ancient thanksgiving success formula now."


An Incredible Formula For Vast Improvement In All Areas of Your Life

To picture health is one of the most scientific ways of producing it in the body. To picture health Is one of the quickest roads to healing.

How often I have heard people wail, "I have prayed and prayed for healing. Still my health has not improved." Investigation usually reveals that while these people sorely wanted health, they had not opened their minds to receive it, because they had not pictured it! Thus their prayers had seemed in vain.

According to Latin roots to "image" means to "conceive,", "to become pregnant with," or "to take into one's mind." Just as one cannot give birth to a child until after physical conception has occurred, neither can one give birth to a new health until mental conception has occurred. One must first image or conceive it. The image makes the condition. Without the image there can be no condition.

The French doctor, Emile Coue, proved the healing power of the imagination at the turn of the Century. After more conventional methods of treatment had failed, people from all over Europe sought out Dr. Coue for healing. The success of his cures became so widespread that at his height, he treated as many as one hundred people a day.

His method? He deliberately set up the picture of healing in each patient's mind by first assuring him, "Nobody ought to be sick!" Dr. Coue then persisted in making that mental picture firm in the patient's mind by having him affirm daily, "Every day in every way I am getting better and better."

This Frenchman taught that the subconscious mind, which controls the body, was most quickly impressed by mental pictures. By changing those mental pictures, one could quickly change the subconscious, and consequently the body which houses it. He proved that the imagination is a much stronger force than the will; that when the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination can always triumph.

Thus, if your imagination is picturing health, it is possible for that health to manifest in your body, regardless of a diagnosis to the contrary or a previous history of ill health. Knowing this, you should deliberately picture yourself as whole and well. The reasoning power of your will may insist that you cannot be healed, but pay it no attention. If you will dare to picture health consistently anyway, then your imagination is free to work for you to produce that health. Whatever the mind pictures and expects, that it will also build and produce for you!

For this purpose you will enjoy declaring often: "Even though I strongly want greater good in my life, I may not have opened my mind to receive it, because I have not pictured it. The image makes the condition. Whatever the mind pictures and expects, that it will build and produce for me. As I get busy picturing the good I want to experience the happy results astound and delight me. For this purpose I declare that vast improvement comes quickly in every phase of my life now. Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better for me now."


Blessing has Multiplying Power

The act of blessing what is on hand can increase it mightily.

A business woman proved this. She was between jobs. Her grocery supplies were so low that the only food she had in the house was a small amount of hamburger, some coffee, and a half carton of cream.

This hungry woman started blessing her pocketbook and financial affairs, but nothing happened. She decided to bless the small amount of food that was left, remembering how Jesus had multiplied the loaves and fishes by taking them in his hands and blessing them. (Matthew 14:19)

She anticipated that, as she blessed the food at hand, more food or the money to purchase more food would come to her somehow. This did not happen, but the power of blessing worked anyway.

After the act of blessing the hamburger, cream and coffee, she used a portion of them for her evening fare. The next day, when she again inspected the food, she realized that there appeared to be just as much there as had been before using a portion of it the previous evening!

That food was like the manna in the wilderness that had been gathered by the Hebrews on the sixth day and had lasted through the seventh day, when no more appeared. As she continued to bless what was at hand, it met her needs until more money arrived. Through the continued act of blessing, she secured a job and the crisis passed.

Remind yourself often: "The act of blessing has multiplying power. As I bless what is on hand, this opens the way for it to increase mightily. So I bless and increase my health, wealth, and happiness now!"


Chemicalization - A Cleansing, Healing Process

Recently a civil service employee in a distant city said, "I have your book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, and it is the best book on the subject I have ever read. For a time, I worked with the laws you described and they brought dynamic good into my life. But suddenly, I am frightened and discouraged. The last few weeks, everything seems to have gone in reverse. What has happened?"

That lady was relieved to learn that another dynamic law was working for her-the law of chemicalization.

You've heard it said that things have to get worse sometimes before they can get better; that the getting worse process is actually a part of the improvement process; that what seems failure is actually success being born in the situation. That's chemicalization!

Chemicalization sounds like a negative process, but actually it is a very positive one, a natural, normal one. Though it is an uncomfortable experience, it is worth going through, because it is always a sign that cleansing is taking place. Something higher and better always results from this experience.

When these periods come, remind yourself, "This is nothing to fear. This is not evil. There Is only good at work In this experience. Healing Is now taking place In my world. I rest, relax and let It." As you nonresistantly meet chemicalization in this way, very soon brighter conditions will appear.

Emmet Fox has described the healing process of chemicalization:

It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is really a good sign. Suppose your whole world seems to rock on its foundation. Hold on steadily, and let it rock, and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart's desire.

Chemicalization means that things are coming out In a better state of affairs than ever before. Regardless of what seems to be happening, It never means anything else. When a physical or mental disturbance arises after your deliberate use of right thinking, it is always a sign that your right thinking is at work clearing out the negative, so that the positive power of good can gain complete dominion of your world.

As you practice the prosperity laws given in my books, faithfully writing out your desires, making a wheel of fortune, commanding your good to appear, creating a master plan for success, and as you practice the healing laws faithfully invoking denial, forgiveness, release, and affirmations of love, praise, etc. - don't be surprised if your world begins to rock!

When it does say to yourself, "This Is good! Those laws are working for me In a dynamic way. Only dynamic good shall come from this cleansing experience." You are having a mental, emotional, and perhaps even a physical "spring cleaning." How free, unburdened, and ready for better health and greater health and greater good you will be as this cleansing perfects you and your world.


How To Be Blessed With Forgiveness

If you have not gained the peace of mind or satisfying results you feel you are entitled to as a child of God, it may be because you have unfinished business in the department of forgiveness. (Most of us do!)

Jesus Christ came to heal not only the conscious but also the subconscious mind, which contains all the memories and emotional blocks that stop our prayers from being answered. Since there is no human element on the spiritual plane, you can invite Jesus Christ into your childhood, into your prenatal life even, into your teens, young adult years, etc., to heal and comfort whatever unhappy or bitter memories linger there: "Come into my life, Jesus Christ. I invite you, Jesus Christ, into my subconscious memory to heal whatever needs to be forgiven, released, redeemed. Cleanse me and free me from it now!"

Then picture the living presence of Jesus Christ going back into your childhood, taking your hand, comforting, loving, forgiving, healing you and those bitter experiences. Thereafter, whenever you think of the process that is taking place, just say, "Thank you, Jesus Christ. The forgiving love of Jesus Christ has now set me free from the unhappy experiences of the past or present(or get specific, "That unhappy marriage, that health problem, financial loss, etc.") and I now go free to be happy."

You will be amazed at the mental, emotional and physical blocks that will be removed, at how happy and cleansed and relieved you will feel. Your prayers will probably then be answered in a rush of happy events!


How To Produce Wonderful Changes

A discouraged woman once saw a little placard that read, "Praise the Lord anyhow." She began to use those words as a daily affirmation. Later she said, "When I remember to practice the law of praise, unpleasantness magically disappears. If I have difficulty getting to sleep at night, I speak words of praise, and the next thing I know, it is morning and I have rested well. If I have pain and can remember to praise the Lord anyhow, it is startling how quickly I feel better. What happens to the pain? How should I know? I have been too busy speaking words of praise to know when it left."

Praise and thanksgiving activate life In the cells of the body, releasing Increased amounts of energy and restoring wholeness.

A secretary had suffered constant pain from a chronic health problem for twenty years, after having sought many types of help, to no avail.

Late one afternoon, she was walking slowly across a long bridge that gave her a beautiful view of the sunset. As she silently marveled at that glorious view, a sense of exhilaration came over her, and suddenly, the torturous pain of twenty years was gone. It was a complete healing.

Perhaps you've heard the story of the little boy who believed in ". He arrived home one day from school leading a stray dog, which he proudly showed off to his mother. But she was unimpressed, as she said, "Where did you find that awful looking ole' muft?"

"He's not awful looking. He's a wonderful dog," her son replied.

"That ole' mangy, flea-bitten hound? Why son, he can't even stand up."

"Yes, but Mother, look how nicely he can wag his tall."

There is always something you can praise. As you do, your own good multiplies.


How To Restore Your World To Perfection

When you praise and give thanks for the opulence of the Universe, you open the way to receive it in your own life! You can praise a failing business into a successful one. You can praise an empty pocketbook into one of abundance. You can praise a sick body into one of renewed health. You can praise an inharmonious relationship into one of peace and release.

Words of praise and thanksgiving can restore man's world to perfection. The Hebrews were shown that their sufferings came when they were disobedient to the law of praise. (Dent. 28:47, 48)

A woman once used the power of praise on her sewing machine, which was out of order. After she praised it, her sewing machine gave her no more trouble. For years a housewife had wanted a new rug for her living room floor. She heard of the law of praise and began to praise her old rug. Within two weeks, a new one appeared from an unexpected source!

A watch repairman had done all he could to repair a certain watch, to no avail. Then he heard of the power that praise has even upon inanimate objects. He placed the watch in question on a shelf, blessed it, praised it, and left it alone for several days. Later when he inspected it, the watch ran perfectly. The whole creation responds to praise and is glad.

You can restore your world to perfection by declaring often words of praise and thanksgiving such as these: "Words of praise now restore my world to perfection. I praise and give thinks for the opulence of the universe. I caL, praise a failing business into a successful one. I can praise an empty pocketbook into one of abundance. I can praise a sick body Into one of renewed health. I can praise an inharmonious relationship Into one of peace and release. The whole creation now responds to praise and is glad."


How To Seal Your Good and Make it Permanent

After crossing the Red Sea, the Hebrews did something that many people forget to do when their problems have been solved. They sang praises to God, acknowledging the help He had given them. It was a song of deliverance:

"I will sing unto Jehovah, for He has triumphed gloriously. The Lord is my strength and song and He has become my salvation. This is my God and I will praise Him." (Exodus 15:1,2)

A college professor made a success map picturing the increased financial income he desired. As he daily looked at that financial map, the increased income came in the form of a new job. Later he looked at this success map to see what had brought results. On his success map he had placed a picture of a bundle of money. Near this picture he had placed the words, "Where did all the money come from?" Below the pictured money was a prayer of thanksgiving, which he had used daily - long before the money had appeared. His prayer had been the words of the Psalmist: "I will sing unto Jehovah, because He hath dealt bountifully with me." (Psalms 13:6)

There is always a way out of bondage - through the use of praise and thanksgiving. By giving thanks for your safe "Red Sea crossing" after it has happened, you seal your good and make it permanent.

Declare often: "I will sing unto Jehovah, for He has triumphed gloriously. The Lord is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation. This is my God and I will praise Him."


How Your Prayers Of Protection Can Help Others

You have the ability constantly to do protective mental and spiritual work for others, as well as for yourself. In fact, some of the greatest prayers you can ever pray for other people are prayers of protection.

A worried widow was concerned about her headstrong teenage son who insisted upon racing his new car. He had met with several accidents in driving and his mother feared for his life, but had been unable to persuade him to stop racing. At a weekly prayer group, the members joined her in using the well-known Unity Prayer of Protection for him: "The light of God surrounds you. The love of God enfolds you. The power of God protects you. The presence of God watches over you. Wherever you are, God is, and all is well."

The mother then said no more about the forthcoming races but trusted to divine protection and the results were interesting: When her son's car was tested at the "time trials," it was found defective and he was not allowed to race it. Continued prayers of protection helped this energetic teenager begin to mature and develop other interests.

A young businessman was driving across the country to Southern California on a business trip. His mother read in the morning paper of a flood and she immediately spoke words that her son was divinely protected. Later she heard from him saying some local business had interfered with his leaving home when originally planned. By being detained, he had avoided the flooded areas, whereas if he had left when originally planned, he would have been in the midst of the flooded district.

One of the humorous stories that Florence Shinn relates in her book, The Power of the Spoken Word, is that of a lady who had seven children. Instead of worrying about them all the time, she casually spoke words of protection for them, and they all grew up safe and sound.

One day a neighbor had rushed in and said, "You had better call your children. They are all climbing up and down trees. They are going to kill themselves." This mother calmly replied, "Oh, they are only playing tree tag. Don't look at them and nothing will happen." She refused to worry about them, and nothing did happen.

If worried mothers of teenage daughters and son, and worried wives of philandering husbands would fret less and surround their loved ones more with prayers of protection, there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies, less illegitimacy and adulterous behavior in their family circles. Through prayers of protection by even one member of the family, true family happiness can by restored for Its members. Replace nagging and name-calling with prayers of protection. The results will astound you!


How to Claim Life's Vast Benefits

When problems come to you, it is not because God wants you to have them but because you have been disobedient to the practice of praise and thanksgiving. Through the miraculous act of giving thanks first, all obstacles can be overcome.

From Canada came this report on the miraculous power of thanksgiving:

"Wonderful things are happening in our lives since I started praising and giving thanks! Everything is falling right into place, and better than we could have ever hoped for. "Even our originally very confused and hopeless looking marriage situation has now reached a stage that allows both my husband and me to feel at peace and, most of all, helps our children grow up undisturbed by their parents' problems. And I have found my right job. I prayed about this for two years. I am now in the process of beginning a very special teaching career that will allow me to use my talents the very best way, and to help many people. This is certainly the work I am destined to do. I cannot overestimate the power of praise to straighten out conditions, and to make things right in one's life."

You can receive the vast benefits available to you from the prosperity law of thanksgiving when you dare to give thanks first!

This is the miracle law of prosperity that miraculously clothed and fed the Hebrews during their forty-year sojourn in that barren desert. This same miracle law of prosperity can provide for you in your barren periods, too, in ways that seem just as miraculous!


How to Tap Universal Wisdom

So often greater good has not come into our lives because we, have not asked for it! We have not asked to be shown how to claim it.

Wisdom expands the mind. When you ask divine wisdom to reveal greater good to you, it does so by first expanding your mind, and then your world, through the ideas it gives you.

It was the talented Walter Russell who said: "I have faith that anything can come to one who trusts to the unlimited help of universal wisdom.""

A man who heard about the prospering power of the wisdom concept decided to prove it first in a small way. In conversation with a friend, he said he believed divine wisdom could show him what to do about any problem. The friend challenged him by saying: "There is a pile of scrap tin which is about to go the garbage can. It looks useless to me. Why don't you ask divine wisdom to show you what you can do with it?"

He accepted the challenge, Presently, there came into his mind the picture of a little matchbox. He began to cut and bend the tin, and had soon shaped a matchbox from it. Calling to him a small boy who was passing by, he asked the boy if he would like to sell the matchbox for twenty-five cents and receive a profit of ten cents from the sale. They boy was delighted and soon sold the matchbox. He then got busy selling others that the man made, Soon both man and boy had made a nice profit from that pile of tin which had seemed destined for the garbage can.

By asking for divine wisdom, this man expanded his mind to receive an idea which prospered himself and another. Dare to use this unlimited power of universal wisdom in your own life.


The "Thank You Box" Brings Success

The mother of a large family did not have ample supply with which to meet their needs. She took an old shoe box and converted it to a "thank you box."

She asked her children to write out the blessings they sought, and place them in the "thank you box." Once a week they would open the "thank you box" and go through their requests to see how many had been fulfilled.

These were farm people who needed rain for their crops. One week they were in the midst of a dry period. The mother wrote down these words which she put in the "thank you box": "Thank you God for rain - a regular downpour."

This happened on Tuesday. The next Sunday as they were going through their notes in the box, they realized that on Friday there had been "a regular downpour" of rain - the first in weeks!

On another occasion, her husband was having trouble with his car. He needed it in his work and also to make a special trip that had been planned. He had worked and worked on his car, trying to locate the mechanical trouble.

Finally his wife remembered the "thank you box" so she wrote a note: "Thank you, dear God, for helping us to locate the trouble." Within twentyfour hours the trouble had been remedied.

A relative had looked for months for a job to no avail. The wife suddenly remembered to write a thank you note and put it in the box: "Thank you God for a good position with steady income for this relative," Within two weeks the relative had the best job of her life, after having looked for work for months.

The children in this family often wrote out notes about the more mundane things of life: Their desire for school clothes, ice cream for dinner, or going swimming. Each week, when they reviewed their notes, they were amazed to find how many of these things had been supplied.

About this "thank you box" method the mother said later, "In our family we have learned to use this 'thank you box' in solving all problems. It has become a necessity in our household. By giving thanks before we receive, our problems have often been solved."


The Divine Law Of Hidden Justice

Charles Fillmore has written:

"Many persons doubt that there is an infinite law of justice working in all things. Let them now take heart and know that this law has not worked in their affairs previously because they have not called it into activity. When we call our inner forces into action, the universal law begins its great work in us, and all the laws both great and small fall into line and work for us."

Begin now to "call" the divine law of justice into action by proclaiming: "There is a hidden justice at work in my life and affairs, and it becomes visible now." Begin to "call" the divine law of justice into action for other people, who seem to be at the mercy of unjust experiences. Declare for them, "There is a hidden justice at work in your life, and it becomes visible now." That is the greatest thing you can do for them. We often waste a lot of time feeling sorry for other people. This never helps them or solves anything. James Allen has written: "Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction. It is an indication that the individual is out of harmony with himself. Suffering ceases for him who is pure." When you see someone who seems to be a victim of injustice, you can begin to help him to think right, if he is receptive to right thought. In any event, you can begin to think right about him by decreeing love and by calling on the hidden justice in the situation to appear. It is especially good to remember that you can call the law of justice into action for other people, when they seem unable to invoke it for themselves.

This is especially true where children are concerned, for they seem defenseless against apparent injustice at the hands of others. When you observe this, remind yourself of this great truth: the soul of man is created in the image and likeness of God and has been given dominion over every phase of life. The soul of man has the power to choose the circumstances into which it will be born in order to grow, unfold, and develop certain talents and abilities. When you find a child growing up amid injustice, you can know that his soul chose those circumstances before birth through which to evolve, and ultimately to fulfill its divine destiny. You can know that such a one is a strong soul who will often go on to a better adult life than will youngsters around him who are meeting less strenuous challenges. As you read the biographies of great people who have made splendid contributions to mankind, you often find a history of apparent injustice in their early lives. Instead of feeling sorry for children amid injustice, affirm that the hidden law of justice is at work for them, making all things right.

In like manner when you hear of a man dying an "untimely" death, it seems unjust, especially if he leaves a wife and young children behind. But the soul of man decides when it will leave this world and under what circumstances, so there is truly no injustice. Always the power of choice has been exercised, though perhaps subconsciously. The soul is fulfilling its divine destiny in some way you cannot humanly see or understand. Man is like an iceberg. In reality we see only a small part of his entire being. Declare often, "As I 'call' on the divine law of hidden justice, both for myself and others, it becomes visible now."


The Easy Way To Unfold Your Good

I know a man who was suffering the agony of an unhappy marriage and divorce problems, indebtedness, confusion, and a limited income; but who went from that to a brand-new job, filled with self-expression, at double his previous income, a happy new marriage, peace of mind, increased health, and a whole new lease on life-after he began affirming the divine plan at an apparently hopeless period in his life. This transformation came within just six months! Some of the prayer statements he used daily which helped bring about these results were these:

"I now release everything and everybody that are no longer a part of the divine plan of my life. Everything and everybody that are no longer a part of the divine plan of my life now release me.

"I now let go and let God unfold the divine plan of my life. I am now attuned to the divine plan of my life. I now cooperate with the divine plan of my life. Christ in me now manifests the divine plan of my life quickly and in peace.

"I now recognize, accept, and follow the divine plan of my life as It Is revealed to me, step by step. I rejoice in the divine plan, which is the sublime plan, and which Includes health, wealth, happiness, and perfect self-expression for me now."

You will enjoy using these same statements regularly. This is the easy way to unfold your good on all levels of your life!


The Power of Written Prayer Statements

I recall once sitting in my church study in the early morning hours, planning my work for that day and realizing there were not enough people to help with it. I needed a fast typist to do some special work that suddenly had to be done. I wrote out on a card this decree: "Jesus Christ now mani. fests the perfect typist to produce this work quickly..,

Within an hour a lady came-not walking but running-into the church. Breathlessly she said, "Here I am. While having breakfast I suddenly had the feeling you needed me. What shall I do?"

"Can you type?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"Can I! Before marrying my husband, I was his secretary and I am one of the fastest typists in this town." Within a few hours she had done-as a gift, free of charge-what would have taken the average typist several days to accomplish.

In another instance, I had tried for weeks to get a repairman to my apartment to make repairs. He had promised to come, but had not. In prayer about it again one night, I found myself decreeing, "Jesus Christ is here, making the perfect repairs now." Later I wrote down these words in my book of affirmations. A great sense of peace descended over me and I released the matter. The next morning quite early there was a knock at the door, and the repairman quickly did what he had promised to do weeks before!

A powerful prayer method is not only to declare verbally that Jesus Christ is helping you, but also write it down. The written word of Truth seems to carry tremendous power to achieve results that may have earlier been regarded as almost impossible. Someone has wisely said, "All things are possible to the Christ consciousness." Yes! Especially if you write down your goals in prayer statements which ask the help of Jesus Christ. Declare often, then write out: "Jesus Christ is producing the perfect results in this matter now for the good of all concerned." To write out and declare these words daily can bring amazing results.


The Protecting Power Of Love

A woman in Kansas City protected herself from assault by speaking loving words. One night she was walking down a dark street near the old Unity Society building on Tracy Avenue, when a man stepped out of the shadows and put a gun in her ribs, saying, "Give me your purse or I'll shoot you!" She turned and looked him right in the face, and said, "You can't harm me, because you are God's child and I love you." After twice repeating his threat, each time getting the same reply, he finally shook his head, mumbled something about "this crazy woman," dropped his gun, and fled. This woman had met an extreme situation in an extreme way through the expression of love.

Recently a lady wrote me of being approached by two young robbers. She started sending them thoughts of love. Not only did they not rob her, but they departed quickly.

Declare often: "There is protecting power in words of love. Therefore, I call on the protecting power of love often by declaring words of love, both for myself and others. Yes, I rejoice in the protecting power of love at work in my life now."


The Restoring Power Of Praise

A discouraged woman once saw a little placard that read, "Praise the Lord anyhow." She began to use those words as a daily affirmation. Later she said, "When I remember to practice the law of praise, unpleasantness magically disappears. If I have difficulty getting to sleep at night, I speak words of praise, and the next thing I know, it is morning and I have rested well. If I have pain and can remember to praise the Lord anyhow, it is startling how quickly I feel better. What happens to the pain? How should I know? I have been too busy speaking words of praise to know when it left."

Praise and thanksgiving activate life In the cells of the body, releasing Increased amounts of energy and restoring wholeness.

A secretary had suffered constant pain from a chronic health problem for twenty years, after having sought many types of help, to no avail.

Late one afternoon, she was walking slowly across a long bridge that gave her a beautiful view of the sunset. As she silently marveled at that glorious view, a sense of exhilaration came over her, and suddenly, the torturous pain of twenty years was gone. It was a complete healing.

Perhaps you've heard the story of the little boy who believed in ". He arrived home one day from school leading a stray dog, which he proudly showed off to his mother. But she was unimpressed, as she said, "Where did you find that awful looking ole' muft?"

"He's not awful looking. He's a wonderful dog," her son replied.

"That ole' mangy, flea-bitten hound? Why son, he can't even stand up."

"Yes, but Mother, look how nicely he can wag his tall."

There is always something you can praise. As you do, your own good multiplies.


The Way to Opulence

There are no shortcuts in developing a prosperity consciousness of opulence. There are those who say "I do not tithe to those who inspire me but I do show my appreciation with gifts." You would not take your doctor or lawyer a gift instead of paying him (or her) properly for his (or her) professional services. A spiritual consciousness is the result of a lifetime (or perhaps many lifetimes) of development. It's help is priceless to the one seeking it. Just appreciation opens the way for the expansion of your own consciousness. of opulence.

There are people everywhere who are spiritually minded only up to their hip pockets. They give the Lord practically everything: Advice, excuses, good intentions, a little time and even a little energy - everything except the coin of the realm.

Not so those who are developing a true opulence consciousness. It includes abundant generosity. Sharing is always the beginning of opulent increase

Under the Mosaic law the priests of the Old Testament were millionaires. The priestly trine of Levi did not receive any of the Promised Land later during the reign of Joshua. Instead they received all of the tithes from the Promised Land. (see Joshua 18:7; Numbers 18:21; and Numbers:18:26.)

There is a good reason for prospering inspirational organizations and those in spiritual work:

As in the time of Moses, even now the world wants and needs spiritual organizations and workers who can tell you how to be prosperous, and who through their own lives, are demonstrating that they know the prosperity laws. The world loves, respects and listens to those in spiritual work who have proved the laws of opulence. Such workers have a high-powered consciousness that draws and inspires a loyal following. By giving to those in such a high-powered consciousness, you tune in on that consciousness and open the way to receive vast blessings of expanded good in your own life.

Declare often: "There are no short cuts to the opulence that is mine by Divine Right. Sharing is always the beginning of financial increase. I share at the point or points where I am receiving spiritual help and inspiration. By sharing with those individuals or organizations that are in such high-power consciousness, I tune in on that consciousness of abundance. This opens the way to receive vast blessings of expanded good in my own life. Yes, I share my way to opulence now!"


The Wise Men's Christmas Gifts To You

If I could have a holiday visit with you in my desert home, you would probably be amused to find beautiful hand carved figures of the Wise Men on hand in the various rooms. Most of them have been collected on quick vacation trips to Mexico over the years. And they are a part of the year round decoration.


Because they symbolize the prosperity theme of the Christmas Story. Having them on hand year round reminds me often that the gold, frankincense, and myrrh of the Wise Men are bountiful gifts to you and to me, too, just as they were to the Christ Child on that first Christmas.

As this Christmas Season approaches, allow me to share with you the Wise Men's Christmas gifts of old:

Gold symbolized the gift of abundance. "I bless you with abundance and plenty at this season. You have plenty to spare and to share, and you share It joyously. Your giving enriches you and your world."

Frankincense symbolizes the gift of pleasantness. "I bless you with the gift Of pleasantness and joy In your every thought, word, and act. May pleasantness and joy enhance and enrich your life at this holy season."

Myrrh symbolizes the gift of healing of all unhappiness and bitterness of the past or present. "I bless you with healing of all unhappiness or bitterness of the past or present. God Is turning all of your experiences to good!"

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